About the Founder

On his 32nd birthday, Sachin Bhandary quit a promising career in public relations to launch ‘The Odd Traveller’. His mission is to get people to pursue their own interests while traveling and in life. Hence The Odd Traveller encourages odd learning-based trips.

At the moment he is somewhere in the Americas challenging himself to learn something new. Apart from ‘The Odd Traveller’ he also contributes to other well-known websites. He is a popular public speaker and loves sharing his life-altering travel experiences.

If you think there is an odd traveler in you,  get in touch with him. For all you know,  we might want to work with you! Write to us at theoddtraveller@gmail.com

About The 12 Project

The 12 Project is a journey of a lifetime that became the launchpad for ‘The Odd Traveller’. Sachin, the founder of this website,  is on a trip around the world taking monthly challenges.

From 25 trains in 25 days in India to searching positive stories in Sri Lanka. From learning to cook in Mexico to pursue stand up comedy in New York. The 12 Project is odd travel at its best,  taking the traveler outside his comfort zone.

Follow The 12 Project on this WebsiteTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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